VACANCY: Internship Choreographer/ Dramaturge. Deadline 16 January 2023

The dance apprenticeship position aims at bringing in the…

  • BA students in the last year of dance education/ dancer/ choreography/ Performing Arts Production (with dance experience)
  • MA students in the last year of Choreography/ Dramaturgy
  • MA dramaturges/ choreographers/ regisseurs/ musicians with training or experience in contemporary dance/ choreography are also eligible to apply.


To apply for the apprenticeship position will be relevant that the applicant has pedagogical/ methodological education/ background/ or experience besides performance experience.
To have background or knowledge in some of the following practices: Tango dance, European Folklore/ Latin dances, or Ballroom dance, Social dances are a plus but not a condition.


The apprentice choreographer/ dramaturge will…

  • assist the artistic director,
  • participate actively in the ensemble practices,
  • navigate the production process and creative process of the company to reach its potential in all these extensions: assisting the dramaturge, artists, and communication person,
  • collaborating in the production: organizing the resident’s program, planning rehearsals, communication, writing, and recording eventually.

Are you creative, motivated, and an inspiring mover, dancer, and teacher?
Are you interested in cross-cultural dance practices and hybrid theatre-making?
Are you open to learning new dance and theatre perspectives and able to commit to an intercultural theatre company such as Sur Mundo Ensemble? Then, apply to join our dance-theatre community for this apprenticeship position!


You will benefit from the wonderful opportunity of making your feet wet in the dance-theatre core of the Sur Mundo Ensemble. That includes your personal development as a dance artist in this company during your studies. You will receive feedback, mentoring, and monitoring from the team.
Are you interested? Please, send a short CV and motivation before 9 January 2023 to

Let us know why you are an intern for this theatre company!