Dance writer Jolanda Keurentjes for Dansmagazine Nederland. DA CAPO is a new beginning!

This insightful essay about Sur Mundo Ensemble and its leader Gabriela Zuarez, by the Dutch dance writer Jolanda Keurentjes was published in Dansmagazine Netherland in November 2022.

Keurentjes describes the new beginning of dramaturge- choreographer Gabriela Zuarez who has been working for years on the fringes of contemporary theatre and the cross-culturalism in Tango. And through Zuarez journeys, evocations, migrations, and trans- pointing from her native Argentina, Zuarez melts the hybridizations of her language printing the ensemble’s performance production into a singular dance and musical format. At the same time, her dramaturgical and choreographic work remains true to the Tango principal essence. Zuarez said that “…language, literature and music had been first in my life…and dance came later.”

The long-term, cross-disciplinary and deep-rooted collaboration of musician Gerardo Agnese, filmmaker Celeste Franco and scenarist Marnix Carpentier Alting has rendered ultimately the amazing DA CAPO performance process in the middle of the pandemic era.

Photo by Koos Hageraats.