Work-In-Progress [Última Cena]

Theater Perdu, Kloveniersburgwal 86, Amsterdam

Saturday 7 October 17:30/ 20:30

Sunday 8 October 16:30

Sur Mundo Ensemble dancers, musicians and visual artists present [Última Cena], a dramaturgical-choreographic studio-work led by dramaturge Gabriela Zuarez after the residence at Perdu Theatre.

The studio-work explores the yearning for lost intimacy, the need for encounter and the hidden, contradictory desire for contact with the other. The dramaturge and ensemble offer a metaphor of a social meal as a centre of the theatre and as the locus of personal and communal intimacies.

  • Artistic Director: Gabriela Zuarez
  • Dance performers: Gabriela Zuarez, Damian Rosenthal, Monica Arroyo ( dance-intern)
  • Music Gerardo Agnese, Ilein Bermudez
  • Dramaturgy- Choreography: Gabriela Zuarez
  • Musical composition- Improvisation: Gerardo Agnese
  • Light, Scenario: Marnix Carpentier Alting
  • Video and Photography: Zsofi Fila
  • Partnership & Support: Dance-Theatre Development Foundation
  • Programmers:
  • Production: Sur Mundo Ensemble/ Dance-Theatre Development Foundation (DTD Stg)


Interactive Dance Concert / A performance Within a Performance

The performance DA CAPO was created and adapted for the venues of De Duif and the Perdu Theatre in Amsterdam.

With DA CAPO, Gabriela Zuarez envisioned creating a bricolage from dance documentation to live performance. The work would trigger the boundaries between the spaces of documentation, the performative and the presence of the performers. Together with the ensemble of musician Gerardo Agnese, filmmaker Celeste Franco, dancer Damian Rosenthal and scenarist Marnix Alex Carpentier Alting; she presents this unique self-reflexive theatrical work and adapts it to each venue. More.

DA CAPO is a colourful theatrical performance with the Tango at its centre. It is a one-hour journey back in time to the origins of the dancing body. A journey where dance, music, images and light merge into a dazzling whole. And in which a new performance merges within the performance with an overlapped video registration and documentation.

The performers take you on this journey from now to then and from old to new. In a shared, immersive setting, the expressive contrasts are portrayed: between nostalgia and desire, loneliness and togetherness, intimacy and distance. Those contrasts have played an important role for everyone in the recent pandemic, which makes this performance all the more worthwhile.

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