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Da Capo een voorstelling in een voorstelling

Da Capo verbeeldt de overgang van het oude naar het nieuwe. De dansdramaturgie draait om de ervaring van de fysieke, zintuiglijke, emotionele en muzikale metamorfose van de tango, die de overgang

The Company’s New Advisory Directors

Since the 1st of June Since the 1st of June 2023, the Sur Mundo Ensemble has had a new board of directors.  Choreographer Joosje Asser and sophrologist Beatrice Blondiau are

The Coreo Lab residency is back in Buenos Aires!

After the damage caused by the pandemic, the dramaturge Gabriela Zuarez and the producer Micaela Tettamanti of the MIKKO studio have finally resumed their activities. Dramaturge and producer have brought together

DA CAPO/ Kicked-off & Launched

It is now ready to be programmed and be programmed!DA CAPO is an Interactive Dance-Concert Installation performance... It stages a video-documentary installation intimately transgressed by the performative group synergy of the dancers,

Dance SCREEN: Last Trailers

Da Capo trailer is here!

Residency Research on Hold Phase#6. Studio Presentation, Amsterdam 2019

Dance Residency Coreo-Lab Buenos Aires 2018

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