Dance Research, Film and Archive

‘Encounters in The Outside’ is a metaphorical analogy. It portrays the myth of the passionate Tango encounter while dancing at the salon. The film re-locates the subtle Tango moves accompanied by live music in the raw context of a greenhouse- garden. The dramaturgy wants to reveal the hidden intimacy about the longing of human contact in an open and casual sphere. A fresh, absurd approximation about human relationships in actual times.
The film ‘Encounters in the Outside’ is a short caption, out of the research project Hybrid Languages#6. The dramaturge and the filmmaker have rescued that choreographic process done with the dancers at the studio while re-writing the dramaturgy outdoors for the film script. That dance has been re-staged for the camera eye as an observant of the performers.
The artistic leader and dramaturge Zuarez has spent the last years in ongoing research between Amsterdam and Buenos Aires- Argentina, gathering dancers’ groups and communities in both countries. The ground of that research has been the Tango cultural paradigm as a contemporary language. This short dance film was the closure of Hybrid Languages Phase 6 Amsterdam 2019. Dramaturge- choreographer: Gabriela Zuarez Musician: Gerardo Agnese Resident Dancers in Collaboration: Anne Spoel (NL)- Louis Siegert (ZW) Claire Hermazewsky(FR) Post-video-production: Celeste Franco Scenario Outdoors: Courtyard ZID Theater, Amsterdam
Production: Sur Mundo Ensemble