Music Behind The Motion

The workshop lab ‘Rhytmic, Dancing Body & Performance: Tango, Milonga & Candombe from off the Dalcroze Method’ was celebrated within a dance-residence framework at ICK/De Vlugt Amsterdam. During this trajectory, dance dramaturge Gabriela Zuarez has been developing phase four -4- of Hybrid Languages, a research project that explores the Tango as a contemporary dance and theatre form. Zuarez has successfully facilitated the workshop lab with one objective: to deep in and enrich the research about dance language approaching the rhythmics of the tango music accessing angles for further choreographic work-mode. Dramaturge’s goal was to enter the musical domain of the three specific rhythms in Tango music, which are Tango, Milonga en Candombe. Within this context, dance participants would approach, experiment, and develop performative outcomes, that would be featured in an improvised ad-hoc presentation on the last day.
Gabriela Zuarez, in collaboration with musician Gerardo Agnese, Celeste Franco, have been gearing this one week dance-musical process together with the Argentinian guest artist Carla Fonseca (UNA, University of the Arts Buenos Aires).
Original publication by the redaction of Dansmagazine (available in Dutch) ‘Hybrid Languages: danskans voor nieuwe dansers’